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A programme to encourage Portuguese emigrants to return to the country has seen 1,705 people receiving support in their move home from the government.

The “Programa Regressar” saw until July 2019, some 1,705 people apply for support in returning to Portugal with almost 70 percent of these people being those who had emigrated between 2011 and 2015, the years in which the global economic crisis had it’s strongest effects on the population in Portugal.
“Within the scope of the programme, the Institute of Employment and Professional Training [IEFP] received, until 9 February, a total of 806 applications for the measure to support the return of emigrants, covering a total of 1,705 people”, reads a note released by the Government in the presentation of the programme’s balance sheet and prospects.
In the note, the executive says that 68 percent of people who now intend to return, left Portugal between 2011 and 2015, with 47 percent of candidates having higher education and 80 percent being up to 44 years old.

The statement added that, “about 3,500 people have applied for job search on the IEFP platform with the motive of ‘returning home’, fuelling speculation that many more Portuguese emigrants have intentions of returning in the near future.
Changes have been recently made to the programme, published in Diário da República on 3 February, with the Government highlighting the expansion of the universe of applications for people with fixed-term contracts with an initial duration of at least six months and the increase in financial support available.
“Thus, the maximum amounts of support, which were previously set at €6,582 is now set at €7,201, and a 25 percent increase has also been created for applicants who settle in the interior of the country, so the maximum amount of support is, in these cases is €7679”.
According to the Government, “in just one week after the entry into force of these amendments, 12 applications from emigrants were approved, who will now be living in countryside areas of Portugal and benefit from this increase”.
The programme, which saw applications opening in July 2019, aims to promote and support the return to Portugal of emigrants, as well as their descendants and other family members.


Need more information on this topic.

By Grace Wallace from Açores on 15-02-2020 03:48

Portugal is my favourite country is lot of beach in out of the side natural beauty of land.

By Aurangzeb Bari from Other on 15-02-2020 09:48

Is the $7000 euros to assist in the move from another country? Thank you.

By Miguel from USA on 15-02-2020 02:08

"Programa" is spelled with one "m" only. :)

By Andre from UK on 14-02-2020 11:10
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