This programme is Mercedes-Benz way of ensuring that when you buy a pre-owned Mercedes-Benz you´re buying one that´s in the best condition possible. The brand attracts hundreds of used models through our dealerships across Alentejo and Algarve, and with Certified it has created a platform to make buying them easier and safer for you.
In recent years new car sales have been declining but business has been booming for online retailers, with orders dramatically ramping up as more and more drivers seek to simplify the car purchasing process.
Whether you’re time-poor, looking to avoid pushy sales staff or simply can’t face trudging around dealerships, the online buying process ensures that you can find your ideal car from the comfort of your own sofa - and have it delivered to your door.
That’s reason enough to buy online but there are other significant benefits too. You can compare savings from across the country and be sure that you’ve taken your pick from the best deals available, with fixed prices so there’s no awkward haggling. It’s quick too: you can find and order your car, then apply for finance in just 30 minutes.

Not all used cars are created equal
How does Mercedes-Benz guarantee that ? We´re glad you asked.
When Starsul acquires a used vehicle for the Certified programme, it immediately undergoes a 100 point safety and mechanical check to ensure its in good condition. The vehicle´s history is also analysed and any work that needs to be done is carried out using genuine Mercedes-Benz parts.
This extensive scrutiny takes into account the vehicle’s exterior and interior, mileage and service record as proof that the vehicle is in good condition and fully-serviced by Mercedes-Benz authorised dealer.

Peace of mind
Most used cars carry inherent risk, because once you hand over your money and sign the paperwork, there´s no going back. Not with Mercedes-Benz Certified. Having passed inspection, Mercedes-Benz gives all Certified models a two-year factory-backed warranty. Plus, all cars come with 24/7 roadside assistance. Prospective customers can test-drive all available vehicles on sale.
Virtual demonstrations
Virtual demonstrations won’t give customers the full try before they buy experience (this is still best left to a physical test drive), but live video demos can help to begin to build an emotional connection between buyer and car – hopefully leading to a physical test drive, and ultimately, a purchase.
Setting up a virtual demo not only gives the customer a transparent representation of how the car works in practice – including how it sounds, and how certain features work – it also gives them the opportunity to ask questions in real time as points of interest arise. But, if live video isn’t possible, then pre-recorded video can still be used to demonstrate the car’s features and bring the vehicle to the customer wherever they are.

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