Where to find fuel during the fuel crisis

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Where to find fuel during the fuel crisis

A website that shows the emergency network fuel stations was launched in Portugal, according to the platforms Waze and Vost.pt, in the run-up to a truck drivers' strike that should start on Monday.

"What we did was identify all the stations that will operate with an SNFS [Strategic Network of Filling Stations] and SNFS SOS [for priority vehicles], if this stoppage by goods and dangerous goods drivers goes ahead," António Antunes, from Waze, told Lusa.

The information will be available at https://janaodaparaabastecer.vost.pt/ and within the Waze application.

He said that this website helps drivers easily the public stations available if the strike moves forward, as well as if there is fuel in each emergency station.

This new strike was called by the SNMMP union and the Independent Union of Goods Drivers (SIMM), on 15 July, accusing the bosses’ association ANTRAM of not wanting to comply with the agreement signed in May.

The government issued on Wednesday minimum services between 50% and 100% for the strike scheduled for Monday for an indefinite period.

Minimum service is to be at 100% for filling for emergency stations, ports and airports for priority services, as well as for military bases, civil protection services, fire department and security forces.

As for public transportation, minimum services were issued at 75% and for final clients at 50%.

The SNFS foresees 54 priority stations and 320 public stations, following a state of emergency declared by the government.

This strike, for an indefinite period, threatens to bring the country to a stand-still, since it will affect all types of transport in all areas and not only the transport of dangerous goods. Supplies to supermarkets, industry and services will also be affected.

The Union of Road and Urban Transport Workers of the North (STRUN) has also joined the strike.


why only 9 designated filling stations for the whole of the Algarve on your map but vaste numbers in the north of Portugal. No hospital service and very little to the airports kills the income for the year for many people. this is also the food I think

by Jennifer Griffyn from Algarve on 14-08-2019 01:54:00
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