Whole of mainland Portugal sees “very significant” rise in risk of wildfires

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The National emergency and Civil Protection Authority (ANEPC) has warned of a “very significant” rise in the risk of wildfires until tomorrow across the whole of mainland Portugal.

Aggravating that risk according to the authority is the persistent hot and dry weather coupled with an easterly wind. The use of fire and farming machinery is banned; the mainland is under orange alert until midnight tomorrow.


Dora Musuko:

Unfortunately, money talks! Authorities do not seem to learn from previous mistakes... or don’t want to...

By Miguel Colaço from UK on 09-09-2020 09:25

Just to express that news like this are more and more less tolerable by both Portuguese and foreign citizens living in Portugal. It is not only a shame but a disgrace, and the Portuguese Government and their citizens should be more responsible and take real action against these "so-called" wildfires. No ones believes in them anymore, since 4 years ago, my husband, while walking on the forest, saw a little Cessna plane flying around, and they through 2 "emergency flares". We reported to GNR and gave the identification number in the plane, but until now, there is not even one response from them. Regretfully, this is the country that we all live in, and the people in power keep protecting their own interests and companies, instead of protecting nature and their National heritage! So, my suggestion is, if there is need to do more news, at least make them investigative journalism and put the truth out there! Change never comes easy or with perfect outcomes for the ones that rule and take profit out of it. I could go over this, but you as journalists should know it very well. Just check the case of the "wildfire" in Pinhal de Leiria. All the culprits or crooks, as you may want to call them, since they run wood factories, take into justice? Are they sitting in jail or are running their businesses, like nothing ever happened. Start gaslighting these important matters to bring positive change, open people eyes and bring up movement to make positive change.

By Dora Musuko from Other on 09-09-2020 10:12

Fireworks in Estoi/Pechao vicinity over weekend. Is this responsible behaviour?

By Jane Hancock from Algarve on 08-09-2020 03:21
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