According to mayor Vasco Estrela, the needs of the whole area will be assessed by the social and welfare services of Mação, which are taking care of the two displaced people.

Emergency evacuation and precaution measures were taken in accordance with national civil protection guidelines.

At 11 a.m. the mayor told Lusa that there were some small reignitions of the fire around the village of Cardigos, which were being fought by land and air.

Reignitions are normal as the temperature and wind rise.

According to Estrela, despite the large area affected, the resources available were managing to control the situation and the work to fight the flames went reasonably well.

Several fires broke out in the district of Castelo Branco in the early afternoon on Saturday, two in Sertã and a larger one in Vila de Rei which spread to Mação.

The fires of Vila de Rei and Mação are the only ones still active.