I have to do this because sometimes the player has come across something which has real benefit and relevance for their game. It is rare that this happens as most players are looking for a quick fix, something to work on to help move their game forward with minimum work or effort. The old expression that there is no substitute for hard work rings as true today as it always has.

So I am going to break from tradition by changing it up a little and recommending that you go and get whatever internet device you have close at hand and go and watch this on YouTube ‘My Game: Tiger Woods – Episode 1: My Practice’. It is pure golfing gold.

It is the start a of a ten-part series where Tiger goes in depth talking about the various areas of the game and how he approaches them. I often have interesting conversations about these topics, you will have read many times me cajoling the golfing readership to get out and practice more, take lessons, be more diligent in their approach to the game. Now I don’t have to, just listen to the words of the best player, currently playing the game. Some may say the greatest and nobody can argue that he isn’t in the top two who have ever played the game.

Please watch it, because it covers; the way he practices, how to get mind, body and soul ready for four times a year, how important it is to be prepared and full of energy on the course. There are no quick fixes and the best question Woods asks is, “if you haven’t managed to achieve it during practice how can you expect it come off in a tournament?”

Any one of those topics is worthy of lengthy consideration, put all together in a 10 minute clip, you could debate the topics from now until Christmas. The most pertinent question is how do these topics relate to your game? Let’s be fair here, nobody is expecting you to compare games, but attitude and organisation-wise of course you can.

Do you practice? Is your mind, body and soul ready to play? Are you physically full of energy on the course? Are you looking for a quick fix rather than a sustained progression of performance? Are you trying shots on the course which haven’t been tried on the range previously?

That paragraph above is really the best list of questions ever, for a club player, because if you answer ‘no’ to any of the first three questions and yes to the final two questions, you know in those answers lie the real reasons why your golf is not progressing. Amazingly simple, yet totally incisive.

It’s going to be an absolute must see this series because so rarely do you get a chance to hear and see the best in the world give the public the golf habits which they abide by and are the reasons to which they attribute their success.

The next lesson is ‘Driving’ and the opening salvo on that episode is, “let’s start with balance and hitting the centre of the clubface.” Tiger explains that his father had no problem with him hitting the ball as hard as he could, so long as he did it with perfect balance and could hit the centre of the club with the ball.

Now, I have a player who thinks I stress a little too much on the balance side of things (you know who you are!) - I really hope he is reading this and watches Tiger’s next instalment! Perhaps he will take heed next time I nag him about him swinging off his feet not being conducive to consistency.

Enjoy the series, if you need to talk through some of these topics and relate them to your game, especially the ‘Real and Feel’ section, I would be delighted to help.