Woman accused of stabbing her partner claims it was an accident

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Woman accused of stabbing her partner claims it was an accident

A woman accused of stabbing her partner in Fafe in October 2017 claimed on 9 September 2019 that it was an accident

At the beginning of the trial, at the Guimarães Court, the 23-year-old accused said that at first she did not even realise that her partner had been stabbed by the knife.

She also said that, after hearing her partner ask for help, she immediately called INEM and was giving the victim first aid, according to the instructions given to her.

In an emotional testimony, the defendant said that after another marital disagreement, she took a kitchen knife with the intention of puncturing the tires of her partner's car, which she did not do, due to alleged “lack of courage”.

When, still with the knife in her hand, she tried to enter the house, her boyfriend tried to stop her, and the two were pushing each other.

"He suddenly dropped, I went in, put the knife in the place of the washed cutlery and was going to get dressed when he started shouting for help," she said.

Only then did she realise that her partner had a cut “in the chest area”.

The victim would eventually die the next day at the hospital.

The woman is accused by the Public Prosecutor (MP) of qualified homicide and aggravated domestic violence.

The MP considered it indicative that the relationship between the defendant and the partner "was always troubled".

According to the prosecution, it was the defendant's fault for being "possessive, controlling, manipulative and obsessed with the victim."

The MP says that the defendant watched over the social networks Facebook and Instagram of her partner, controlled his mobile phone and directed insults, through mobile phone messages.

The prosecution adds that the defendant punched and scratched her partner, began arguments in public places and sent him messages insistently to his mobile phone at any time of day or night as a form of psychological pressure.

According to the prosecution, at dawn on October 17, 2017, in the house where they lived, in Fafe, the accused had started a discussion with her partner, allegedly after having confonting him on social media messages and verified that he had sent a congratulations message to his ex-girlfriend.

"Following the discussion at 4:15 am, as her partner intended to leave the house, not complying with her requests to stay, the defendant, with a knife she had brought from the kitchen, struck him in the neck, killing him." also refers the accusation.

An accusation completely refuted by the accused, who claimed that the discussions between the couple resulted, at first, from money problems and, later, from the jealousy of the partner.

The defendant said she never beat her boyfriend and that he was the one who beat her.

"I just defended myself," she said.

She also said that only on that night did she access her partners cell phone, and was then distressed by the content of a congratulatory message he had sent to his ex-girlfriend.


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