Woman mobilizes more than 100 volunteers to sew gowns and caps

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Paula Santos' appeal on social media rang out in a snap and, in less than 24 hours, the unemployed woman from Vila Nova de Cerveira gathered 110 women willing to sew Covid-19 combat gowns and caps.

"Today we started to produce the first gowns and caps that will be sent to three hospitals in Porto. The goal is then to produce for the hospital in Viana do Castelo and others that need them", said on 25 March to the Lusa agency, Paula Santos.

At the age of 47, unemployed and attending a degree in Quality Management, at the School of Business Sciences (CSCE) in Valença, suspended due to the new coronavirus, Paula Santos decided that "she could not stand by and watch the shortage of individual protective equipment that affects the professionals of the National Health Service (SNS)".

"As I am closed in at home, I thought of taking care of myself, helping in whatever way I can. I have no economic means, but I have a knack for sewing. I decided to ask for help", she explained.

The "cheap" sewing machine that was kept and the knowledge of the "art" she acquired during her youth helped to tackle the production project she proposed, on Monday, to the followers of her Facebook page.

"I know that Vila Nova de Cerveira is a very human land, but I never thought that my appeal would reach the offers of help that I have received, even from neighbouring counties like Monção, Valença and Caminha", she added.

In "less than 24 hours more than 110 women" volunteered who, from home, will sew the gowns and caps that "health professionals need so much".

Paula's daughter, a nurse, gave her the first orientations to move forward with the solidarity project and, "quickly", managed to gather "the support of other health professionals with more knowledge about the needs of those who are at the forefront of the fight to an invisible war".

The raw material to start making the first gowns and caps is guaranteed, but Paula Santos is having a hard time getting TNT- Non-Woven Fabric (material similar to fabric but obtained through an alloy of fibres and a polymer), waterproof / breathable 70 grams, necessary "for the best protection of healthcare professionals".

"The prices are exorbitant and I have no way to buy these fabrics. That is why I launched another appeal to companies or anyone who wants to donate this material and the sewing threads so that, with our work, we can continue to sew for health professionals", she appealed.

"Tomorrow another 100 metres of fabric donated by a Lisbon company will arrive", she praised.

“I am at risk of sickness. I have to take care of myself in order to support my parents. Therefore, each volunteer participates from home where we all have to stay to win this war", she said.


Olá! Não falo bem português, mas quero entrar em contato com Paula ou com pessoas em Lisboa que estão fazendo o mesmo. Ajude-me, por favor?

By Elizabeth Olwen from Lisbon on 26-03-2020 01:52
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