And no one knows how to dress a room with flair more than Jane Rockett and Lucy St George, co-founders of ultra-cool interiors destination, Rockett St George.

The duo, who formed the brand 13 years ago, source highly individual, eye-catching homeware – from full-fat luxe to quirky, vintage-inspired treasures – all guaranteed to give rooms a distinctive, stylish stamp.

Here, they reveal seven ways to ‘work the wow factor’ in your own home…

1. Take two with magical mirrors

“Mirrors are the ultimate design trick to add both ‘wow’ factor and additional space in any room,” says the pair. “By reflecting natural light back into the room, a mirror is a wonderful way to create the illusion of extra space and light.

“We always recommend going for the largest mirror you can afford, to make the most of every ray of light from its reflection.”

Work the wow factor: Make sure you consider what will be shown in a mirror’s reflection, they advise. If you opt for a showstopping chandelier or fabulous gallery wall of artwork, the reflection will double it – frankly, the bolder and more beautiful, the better!

“For a more unusual approach to decorating with mirrors, we love convex designs that distort the reflection,” says Lucy St George. “Vintage-inspired foxed finishes will add personality and character, while still reflecting a beautiful glow of light back into a room.”

2. Get a handle on style

“Sometimes a small change is all you need to breathe new life into your home,” says Jane Rockett. “Hero hardware pieces are often overlooked but are an incredibly effective way to transform doors or furniture, without embarking on a major redecoration journey.”

Work the wow factor: Revamp a door with a fresh coat of paint and add a new finger plate and handle. Don’t forget, a beautifully dressed front door is all part of the kerb appeal of your property and updating it isn’t difficult.

When choosing handles, Rockett advises those seeking warmth and style to opt for a brass finish, while an antique finish is ideal for a vintage look, and leather or marble handles have a desirable tough-luxe look.

3. Raise a toast

“We expect the home bar, which has been hugely popular over the summer, to become even more popular indoors this autumn,” says Lucy St George.

“A designated drinks area is guaranteed to bring a splash of glamour to any living or kitchen space, and can be truly personalised to suit your individual style. Whether you’re entertaining or simply celebrating Saturday night in, cocktails made from your home bar are set to take centre stage.”

Work the wow factor: Shake up a room with a bar area – ideally splash out on a beautiful bar cart or trolley, or simply designate a shelf for all the bar ingredients, including a collection of vintage glasses (mismatched and quirky, shaped ones will just add to the visual appeal).

Neon signs are so on trend, adds St George, and just one – illuminated and framed and hung on a wall – will leave guests in no doubt that it’s party time. Or make it even more fun, with a group of signs featuring your favourite sayings or slogans.

4. Let it grow

“For us, no home is complete without an accent of gorgeous greenery,” declares Lucy St George. “Studies show houseplants are proven to reduce stress (something we all need less of at the moment) and introducing a few plants can create a sense of calm and vitality in any corner of a home.”

Work the wow factor: Fill vases and pots with a selection of different plants, grasses and foliage stems, which will create interest with different sizes, scales and textures.

As the ultimate low-maintenance solution, faux plants will have the same ‘jungle’ effect, while dried flowers and grasses are another great way to reflect the natural world in your home. Followers of fashion, who want a laid-back, boho-luxe look could opt for the feathery foliage of pampas grass, St George adds.

5. Cook up a storage storm

“Beautiful yet functional has always been our motto, and nowhere is that more important than in the kitchen, the most hard-working area of the home,” says St George.

“So when it comes to ‘wow’ home updates, this is a great place to start, especially as this room’s become even more of a focus now we’re spending more time at home.

“From fabulous freestanding cabinets that slot into empty spaces, to gorgeous glass jars and quirky containers that keep your kitchen organised, these solutions will work and impress. What’s not to like?”

Work the wow factor: “Perfect for everything from cereal to grains, spices and sugar, jars or metal containers can create a well-ordered display feature,” St George adds. “They’ll bring that fashionable pantry aesthetic to cupboards and shelves. Just don’t forget to label as you go!

“Vintage biscuit tins and containers also bring character to a counter-top (ramp up the effect with a display of retro plates). We’re both firm believers that you can’t beat the chic style statement of a row of gorgeous glass jars.”

6. Light the way

“Lighting is key to setting the tone anywhere, from the kitchen to the living room or bedroom, so don’t neglect it,” advise the design-conscious duo.

“Ceiling lights can create an uninspiring atmosphere when used alone, and impact the entire mood and feel of your space. Instead of focusing on one light in the centre of the room, we recommend using as many light sources as possible.”

One of their favourite lighting arrangements is a group of pendant lights – not necessarily all matching – which will draw the eye and also zone a dining or seating area.

Work the wow factor: Lamps and wall lights create pools of light, which are essential for ambience and warmth in a room, says Rockett. Side lights and floor lamps, which showcase treasured artwork, framed family photos or a carefully curated shelf, are another lighting device.

“Candlelight, whether scented candles whose fragrance evokes memories of holidays or special times, and twinkling tea lights, are one of our favourite ‘wow’ factor effects,” Rockett adds.

7. Change the view

“Although a bigger project than our other home update ideas, wall murals are a wonderful way to get creative and add colour and texture to your home,” says St George.

“By taking pattern to a larger scale, these brilliant designs promise to grab attention as soon as you walk through the door. With so many different patterns available, from tropical jungle scenes to punchy florals, murals add a hint of whimsy and wonder to walls.”

Work the wow factor: If transforming a wall with a mural or wallpaper is beyond your skills and budget, consider curating a collection of your favourite prints, photos or pictures into a glamorous gallery wall, suggests Rockett.

“Art is unique in its ability to evoke memories and bring a real sense of personality to the home,” she explains. “From art pieces collected on travels, to beautifully bold prints and on-trend illustrations, adding artwork creates immediate impact.”