The 14 time Major Championship winner was five under for his round as he stood on the tee at the ninth - his final hole of the day - and put himself into a nice position heading into the weekend at Chapultepec Golf Club.

His tee-shot ended up in a fairway bunker down the right and he was blocked out by the trees, with a shot to the green looking out of the question.

This, however, is Tiger Woods.

The 43-year-old pulled a nine iron from his bag and produced an outrageous slice around the trees, seeing his ball kick right when it hit the green before rolling to within 11 feet of the hole.

His birdie putt agonisingly lipped out but the golfing world was already reacting on social media.

“The ball was sitting down just enough where I didn’t think I could clear that tree,” said the man himself after his round".

“I went back to try to cut it with an eight iron and then I realised that’s going to come out too hot, it’s going to miss the slope".

“I ended up going back to the nine iron and I realised, ‘jeez, I’ve really got to slice this thing’. So I opened up and gave it as much of a cut motion as I possibly could and it worked out.”

It certainly did, Tiger.