Having been a practicing dentist through many health scares, including the initial outbreak of AIDS in the early 1980’s which was instrumental in transforming the measures required in dentistry, however, it is the the dental practitioners respons-ibility to protect the patient, himself and staff to minimise the risk of any pathogenic cross infection.

The measures taken currently are the most stringent yet and must be complied with to allow the practice of dentistry to continue.
An additional measure we take at Clinica Pacifico is the use of Ozonified water. This has been used routinely, at our Clinic for over ten years, since Dr John attended a course in the U.K. by Professor Edward Lynch, the Director of Biomedical Research at the University of Warwick.

Ozone dissolved in water at 4ppm (Parts Per Million) produces the most powerful disinfectant available, and is said to be at least 10 times more effective against bacteria than bleach and is also effective against virus’s and fungus. It was used in the Ebola virus outbreak. However, sadly it appears that this amazing product, which is safe to drink, has anti inflammatory effects and stimulates healing, is not generally promoted because it cannot be Patented and because it has to be freshly made and remains therapeutic for only about an hour at room temperature, cannot be bottled for sale. However, machines for making your own ozone water only cost about £40 from UK sources. Such a powerful, safe and non polluting disinfectant has many uses around the home as well as in clinics. Its’ main disadvantage is that it’s use has
to be planned ahead as it takes about five minutes to prepare a litre. Also, it should be used immediately and certainly within an hour.

So, be assured that the most stringent cross infection controls must be implemented by dental practices in Portugal. If you have a dental problem, be thankful you are not in the UK where routine dental care is still not permitted.

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