According to newspaper i, authorities from the Spanish province of Extremadura announced that they have detected the presence of the Asian tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus) in Monesterio and Badajoz.
Both of the Spanish municipalities are part of the Extremadura region, which borders with a thick belt of central and southern Portugal, roughly from the Serra da Malcata and Castelo Branco in the north, to Amareleja and Barrancos (Alentejo) in the south.
The Asian tiger-mosquito is responsible for the transmission of viruses such as Zika and yellow fever.
A team of researchers at the University of Extremadura placed thousands of traps in April, where the eggs that are compatible with the tiger mosquito have now been detected.
The autonomous region has already adopted a set of containment measures, among them the disinfestation of the areas that can accommodate the insect, which is recognisable by its black body with white stripes on the head, thorax, legs and abdomen.