At a hearing with the President of the Republic on the renewal of the state of emergency, José Luís Carneiro said he agreed to a new state of emergency of eight days, until the epidemiological situation and the effects of the festive season could be reassessed.

That assessment is scheduled for 12 January at a meeting at Infarmed and only there, said Carneiro, will it be possible to have "more detailed information on the effects of this relative proximity that could be formed between Christmas and the end of the year.

In statements to journalists, the socialist also took the opportunity to appeal for collective responsibility during the next few days, in the context of the resumption of some activities, especially the return to school.

Asked whether the PS will support possible restrictions such as the curfew on the day of the presidential elections, on 24 January, José Luís Carneiro considered that it is still too early to discuss the matter.

"It is necessary to wait for the authorities' assessment. At that time, it will be necessary to assess the terms under which the new state of emergency will be given policy content, if it is considered in this way", he explained.