The information was released today by the Ponta Delgada City Council, which manages the space. All municipalities in the Azores are at very low risk of contagion, with the exception of Ribeira Grande, in São Miguel, which has a medium risk due to the outbreak in the parish of Rabo de Peixe, where a fence has been in operation for over a month. health, which has been reduced to increasingly circumscribed areas.

For very low-risk counties, “the public's presence at cultural events and sports competitions is limited to 1/3 of the respective capacity, guaranteeing the rules of social distance”.

The Azores today have 60 cases of active covid-19, 50 in São Miguel, eight in Pico, one in Terceira and one in Faial. The total number of positive cases diagnosed since the beginning of the pandemic is 3,840. 3,646 people recovered from the disease, 29 died, 67 left the region and 38 presented proof of previous cure.