“Due to the strike of Groundforce's, of the 515 flights scheduled on 18 July to Lisbon airport, 321 flights have been cancelled (166 arrivals and 155 departures) and a total of 194 are expected to be operated. (95 arrivals and 99 departures)”, said ANA in a statement.

Airlines that use terminal 2 of the Portuguese capital's airport - the 'low cost' - and those that operate with a ground handling company other than Groundforce, maintain their regular operations, the airport company assured.

According to ANA, 37 flights were cancelled at Porto airport on 18 July; seven flights were cancelled at Faro airport and, in Madeira and Porto Santo, the strike led to the cancellation of six flights at each of the airports.

As on 17 July, the first day of the strike, ANA asked passengers with a flight scheduled over the weekend to find out the status of the flight, before going to the airport.

The stoppage will continue on 31 July, 1 and 2 August.

In addition to this strike, since 15 July, Groundforce workers are also carrying out an overtime strike, which lasts until midnight on 31 October, 2021.

Groundforce is 50.1 percent owned by Pasogal and 49.9 percent by the TAP group, which, in 2020, became 72.5 percent owned by the Portuguese State.