Thousands of virologist, professors, doctors , epidemiologists, nurses etc, who are daily working in hospitals and see what really is going on , decided to unite worldwide because they could not handle all the lies they did see daily on the main stream media concerning the covid hoax.

If you go to their website, you can read that the covid pandemic (if it already did exist) was definitely finished the 5th of May 2020 (15 months ago), you also can read that lots of doctors completely ignored the regulations of the health officials and continued with healing covid patients with (the forbidden medicines) hydroxychlorocine and ivermectin, just 1 example , the famous French doctor Raoult gave all his patients hydroxychlorocine which resulted in the fact that only 0,5 % of his covid patients in the intensive care died, compare to 20% average in all other french hospitals, thats a 40 times better score.

Concerning the vaccine, after all the negative stories and resulton patients (thousands of severe side effects and deaths), some spanish doctors of the world doctors alliance decided to test the vaccines themselves, the the shocking results were that the tested vaccins contained 99,999103% grafeneoxyde, ask any chemist , this is a 100% poison .

Personally I have more confidence in thousands of specialists worldwide, who are daily confronted with patients in their hospitals, than 4 or 5 so called specialist who are sponsored and pampered by big pharma.

Martin, Silves