“The EU digital certificate is an international success story that has set a global standard by being the only system currently in operation internationally. The certificate has been a crucial element in Europe's response to the pandemic and more than 591 million have already been issued”, revealed the European Commission's spokesperson for the digital area, Johannes Bahrke.

The announcement was made at the institution's daily press conference in Brussels, on the day the community executive published a report with a balance regarding the digital certificate proving the (negative) testing, vaccination or recovery of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which entered into force in the EU in early July.

Data revealed in the document indicate that, between July 1st and October 13th, Portugal issued close to 7.6 million digital certificates, most of which proof of vaccination (almost 7.1 million), PCR test (81,387) , antigen test (178,954) and recovery (227,940).

In the EU and European Economic Area as a whole, 591 million certificates have already been issued since July, for vaccination (438 million), PCR testing (60 million), antigen testing (84 million) and recovery (10 million) .

In the press release, Johannes Bahrke indicated that this document has allowed “to facilitate and support the tourism industry”, speaking from the outset of “a 25% increase in air travel in July”.