Speaking to Lusa news agency, President António Barbosa said that of the three new parks, two are under construction, Cova do Cão and Portas de Salvaterra, the latter to be completed by the end of the year, and a third, from the West entrance, was has already been launched through a public tender.

“In the urban part of Monção, the strategy to rehabilitate the historic centre involves the construction of car parks in the surrounding areas in order to gradually reduce parking in the urban area, allowing greater enjoyment of public space. Fewer cars and more freedom and more spaces for people to move around, and more visibility for local businesses,” he said.

António Barbosa also highlighted the investment of close to 800 million euros in environmental enhancement, “to reinforce the tourist attraction of the county”.

He pointed to the continuity of the eco-track along the river Minho, with sections from Pedra Furada to Parque das Caldas (€195 thousand), from the Aquícola Post to Ruivos (€160,000) and from Ruivos to Landre, in the parish of Bela (€260,000).

The continuity of the Miño river eco-track between the Aquícola Post and the former Fiscal Guard post (Posto do Piscoto), on the border between the União de Freguesias de Monção and Troviscoso and the parish of Bela is in progress.

The first phase of the ecovia, which represented an investment of 120 thousand euros, has been completed since the summer, connecting the Parque das Caldas to the Aquícola Post.