Now travelling with your pet is no longer a problem. Uber has launched a new service that offers a new alternative to travel without leaving the client’s animal friends behind.

“With the launch of this service, Uber meets a growing demand from users who live with pets. In Portugal, there are currently more than 2.8 million registered pets, according to the Pet Information System (SIAC)”, said Uber in a statement.

When travelling with their pets, people will be able to select the Uber Pet as a new travel option within the Uber App, “which will be presented as an independent service alongside other products offered by the platform such as UberX, UberXL, Uber Green, Comfort or Black.”

According to Uber, fees are equivalent to UberX, but with an additional fee of €2 per trip. However, “the Uber Pet option brings more comfort and tranquillity when travelling with pets, as the driver will always be aware that they will be transporting an animal inside the vehicle”.

“Uber Pet is yet another example of Uber's commitment to continue developing technology and innovation in Portugal, listening and meeting the different needs of our users. With that, we want to offer more integrated mobility services, this time for those who need to travel with their pets in a calm and safe way” said Manuel Pina, CEO of Uber in Portugal.

Rules and recommendations

According to the same note, Uber suggested some behaviours to be adopted when travelling with your pets.

“Keep your dog or cat with a collar, harness or in a pet carrier. If your pet is not a dog or cat, a carrier will always be required; Keep vehicles clean for all users by using a blanket or towel to protect the seat and reduce the risk of it getting dirty or damaged; Please, ask the driver where your pet should sit and don't leave your pet alone”, are the recommendations.