The results of a recent survey conducted by IPK International for ITB Berlin, show an increase in travel intentions, concluding that 80 percent of respondents worldwide are planning international travel in the next 12 months.

Sun and beach holidays are on the rise, but so too are holidays in the city and close to nature, noting that while more and more people want to travel, the latest findings continue to reflect concerns about the pandemic.

The IPK International study, despite indicating that interest in travelling has increased significantly since the beginning of the year, also reveals that this intention varies from continent to continent. The intentions of Europeans to travel abroad are now almost 90 percent of the pre-pandemic level, while for Americans the figure drops to 70 percent and Asians are at 60 percent, “but with a strong upward trend in recent months,” says the study.

Popular destinations in 2022

Europeans clearly prefer “destinations on their own continent for the upcoming travel season”, with Spain appearing first, followed by Italy and Germany, as well as France and Greece.

The favourite destinations for Americans are the neighbouring countries of Canada and Mexico, as well as destinations in Europe – mainly Italy and Germany.

In Asia, people are mainly planning to visit Asian destinations (Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, China), while in Europe, France would be the preferred destination.

Security surpasses price

Globally, the target group of overseas travellers is already vaccinated or has recovered from Covid-19 (90 percent). However, there is still considerable concern about the rate of infection, and this aspect was evident when it comes to the question “Destination with a low rate of infection or favourable travel price?” The vast majority of international travellers would opt for a destination with a low infection rate.