The Portuguese Scout Federation (FEP) was elected today to organize the next World Scout MOOT, an event that will bring together, in 2025, “thousands of scouts in the biggest scouting activity of young adults in the world” .

In a statement, the FEP states that the Portuguese candidacy was chosen at the 42nd World Scouting Conference, which has been taking place online since Wednesday.

The world meeting to be held in 2025, promoted by the World Organization of the Scout Movement (OMME), will take place under the motto “Get involved” and will bring together young people aged 18 to 25, from all over the world, challenged to contact local communities in a tour through the country, which will culminate in the Centro Escutista do Buçaquinho, in Ovar.

"Holding the event on national territory will have an impact on several levels", says the FEP, highlighting the "tourist dynamization", the "local, national and international awareness of current global issues", as well as the potential for "involvement of young people in the sustainable development of communities” local, national and international.

The Portuguese Scout Federation also refers to “encouraging relations between Portuguese-speaking countries, developing special conditions for their participation in the event and subsequent support in the development of other projects”.

The meeting has the support of the President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, who highlights the encouragement of “sharing cultures, experiences and understanding among all participants from all over the world”, states the note.

The federation also refers to the support of government entities, such as the secretariats of State for Education and Youth and Sport, and local authorities, namely the Municipality of Ovar.

The FEP integrates the Portuguese Scouts Association and the National Scouts Corps, which “will work together with OMME to host the World Scout MOOT in 2025”, the statement adds.