For the president of the PSD, it would be simpler for the State to reduce the tax on petroleum products (ISP) at a time when the price of oil is high and then raise it, when the price of oil goes down.

“Why do you need to involve taxpayers in this mess? I think the Government does this to be so confusing that taxpayers end up doing nothing and paying the tax,” he said.

Asked if he would commit to reducing the ISP if the PSD were to be Government, Rio was cautious.

“If the PSD is Government, it can certainly count on the objective of reducing the tax burden, on product taxes”, he said.

Created as a way to mitigate the rise in fuel prices, the ‘AUTOvoucher’ involves the reimbursement to private consumers, via bank account, of a support of 10 cents per litre of fuel up to the limit of 50 litres per month.