According to the AMN, the 19-year-old was dragged out to sea when he was swimming with two friends.

In a statement, AMN explains that the alert was received at 18:20, through the Lisbon Maritime Search and Rescue Coordination Center (MRCC Lisboa), which reported three people being in difficulty in the water, on the beach of Dragão Vermelho. Elements of the Captaincy of Porto and the Local Command of the Maritime Police of Lisbon and of the Estação Salva-vidas of Lisbon, as well as INEM and an aircraft from the Portuguese Air Force, were immediately activated.

Upon arrival at the site, adds AMN, the Maritime Police found that two of the three people had already managed to get out of the water by themselves and were assisted on-site by INEM.

The searches for the third person were initiated by elements of the Captaincy of Porto and the Local Command of the Maritime Police of Lisbon, of the Salva-vidas Station of Lisbon, of the Portuguese Air Force aircraft, as well as of the Volunteer Firefighters of Cacilhas, of the Volunteer Firefighters de Almada, the Praia Protegida project and the Lifeguards Association CaparicaMar.

The victim was found dead by members of the Cacilhas Volunteer Firefighters, on the adjacent beach of Tarquínio-Paraíso, in the district of Setúbal, where death was declared at the scene INEM doctor.

The National Maritime Authority said that the Public Ministry was contacted, and the body was subsequently transported by the Volunteer Firefighters of Cacilhas to the National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences in Lisbon.