Back in the 1960’s, home rentals were reserved for an elite few, Brits and East Coast Americans who typically journeyed to the fabulous retreats of an equally wealthy friend in exclusive destinations. As word spread of the benefits of staying in a private home, the rental market in England in particular started to find its legs.

Back in the days before Google, genteel folk could read a gushing report in the classifieds about somebody’s second home, send off a letter of reservation with a cheque (remember those), and several weeks later arrive at an unknown destination in the hopes that all would be as it was described, and somebody might show up to let you in.

Today, if you are a traveler looking for guarantees that the home you booked online is the same as the home you show up to with a guaranteed person to open the door, you are best to work with a professional agency to avoid any disappointments. Equally, for homeowners, you may not be attracting the elite old school, but an agency will deliver suitable, vetted guests in addition to some high returns on your investment.

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by Lisa Bruno - Co-Founder of Tripwix Vacation Rentals, a Lisbon-based, international luxury rental and property management agency offering a bespoke service to guests and homeowners.