The new Legal Regime for Explosives and Dangerous Substances (RJESP) has been approved by the Council of Ministers and now criminalises the possession of explosives, articles or pyrotechnic devices in sports venues and other prohibited places.

In this context, according to the proposal of the Ministry of Internal Administration (MAI), a prison sentence of up to five years or a fine of up to 600 days is established for anyone who “incurs the transport, detention, use, distribution or possession of explosives, improvised explosive devices or pyrotechnics, in sports venues, places where supporters gather and where sporting successes are celebrated”.

It also becomes a crime to use explosive devices "in places intended for training and sports and in facilities of clubs and sports societies".

The bill, which will now be sent to the Assembly of the Republic, defines improvised explosive devices or "pyrotechnic articles" as prohibited items, which includes any device containing explosive substances or "an explosive mixture of substances designed to produce a calorific, luminous, sound, gas or smoke effect, or a combination of these effects", including flares.

According to the MAI, this new legal regime, which revokes eight diplomas, “simplifies and implements a coherent legislative framework that reinforces supply chain information, control mechanisms at the time of sale and transactions involving explosive substances”.

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