Lisbon: Tomorrow is to be mainly dry with highs of 14 degrees and lows of 6 degrees. From Wednesday the rain is to set in with showers expected all day and all day on Thursday. By Friday the dry weather is to return with sunny spells and intermittent cloud cover.

The north: It is to be dry to tomorrow with highs of 16 degrees and lows of 2 degrees. On Wednesday sunshine and showers are forecast for the day with highs of 17 degrees and lows of 4 degrees. Clear skies are to return by Thursday.

The centre: Intermittent sunshine and cloud is expected on Tuesday when highs of 11 degrees and lows of 5 degrees are predicted. Grey skies and rain is forecast for Wednesday when temperatures are to hit highs of 13 degrees and lows of 6 degrees. On Thursday it is to be dry again.

The south: Rain is forecast for Tuesday although some sunny spells are expected and temperatures are to reach highs of 16 degrees and lows of 7 degrees. The showers are to continue on Wednesday and Thursday with drier weather expected by Friday.