The Portuguese Navy patrol vessel NRP "Setúbal" picked up this vessel at dawn on 6 February off Cape São Vicente, in the district of Faro.

"The vessel was empty, being of the type that have recently been seized in actions to combat drug trafficking", the Navy also highlighted in the press release.

The vessel was towed ashore "for reasons of navigation safety and for forensic analysis by the competent authorities".

In early February, the interception of two high-speed vessels made by Portuguese marines in international waters south of Portugal led to the arrest of eight men and the seizure of 8.6 tons of hashish.

On February 5, two members of the Maritime Police were injured after the vessel they were on was hit “violently” by another vessel, off the Algarve coast, in an operation to combat drug trafficking.

At the end of January, a vessel from the Coastal Control Unit (UCC) was damaged during a pursuit of two high-speed vessels, near the island of Armona, in Olhão, in the district of Faro.