In a statement, the National Directorate of Chega regrets "the irresponsible and uncoordinated way in which the [US President] Biden administration has abandoned the population and institutions of Afghanistan to their fate, allowing a huge civilization setback in terms of human rights, especially of women and children".

"The European Union must now, while protecting those fleeing war and persecution, have very firm and secure migratory criteria, to avoid a wave of unwanted immigration to European territory, namely of fundamentalists and former Islamic combatants", adds the party led by André Ventura.

In the note, it is also stated that the president of the party addressed a letter to the leader of the European group Identity and Democracy (ID) calling for the demand for "a firm immigration control policy by the European Union".

For Chega, the European Union did not know, "once again, to anticipate scenarios and protect its diplomats and citizens, many of them desperately trying to leave Kabul at this moment".

In the letter addressed to ID president Gerolf Annemans and released by the party, André Ventura anticipates a "migratory scourge with tragic consequences for European citizens and economies", in addition to "cultures and even identities".

"Islamic terrorism will again spread in the West and, consequently, in Europe. Therefore, I think it is time to put in our hands the history and destiny of our nations and of the European Union", said the president of Chega.

After several attacks started in May this year, following the announcement by the United States of the final withdrawal of its army from Afghanistan, the Taliban on Sunday conquered the last of the large cities that were not yet under its power – the capital, Kabul -, having on 16 August declared the end of the war in Afghanistan and its victory.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani left the country on Sunday as the Taliban were at the gates of the capital as leaders of the radical Islamic movement seized the presidential palace.

Thousands of Afghans in Kabul are trying to flee the country and many have fled to the international airport where the situation is chaotic.

The situation in Afghanistan was debated on 17 August at an extraordinary meeting of the ministers of Foreign Affairs of the 27 member states of the European Union, in which Portugal was represented by the Secretary of State for European Affairs, as the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Augusto Santos Silva, is currently on holidays.