According to information on the website of OMIE, the electricity market operator designated to manage the daily and intraday electricity market in the Iberian Peninsula, the maximum price reached today was €265.00 /MWh and the minimum of €201.06 / MWh, with 136 GWh of energy being traded, at an average price of €231.82 per MWh.

With this new rise, the price of electricity today (third Friday of the month) exceeds for the eighth time the barrier of €200 /MWh, all registered in October, and is five times the value registered in the pool on the third Friday October last year (€43.33).

Thus, during the first half of October, the wholesale market price reached an average of €202.8 /MWh, in other words, the most expensive month in history.

Energy prices in the wholesale market have a direct impact on the regulated tariff and serve as a reference for those who contract their supply on the free market, and this year has already led to two interim increases in the price of electricity in the regulated market, the last on 1 of October.