Portugal have won two games since the last update, in September, a friendly with Qatar (3-0) and a qualifying game for the 2022 World Cup with Luxembourg (5-0), but Spain performed better, allowing them to climb the ranking.

The Spaniards also played two games, with a victory in the semi-finals of the League of Nations, against Italy (2-1), and a defeat in the final against France (2-1), but accumulated more points.

In the 'top 10' of the FIFA ranking, which continues to be led by Belgium, followed by Brazil, France took advantage of the triumph in the League of Nations to climb the podium, now occupying third place.

A rise that resulted in the fall of England to fifth place, while Italy, ranked third in the League of Nations, rose to fourth place.

Among the teams led by Portuguese coaches, Poland, by Paulo Sousa, is the best ranked, with a rise of one place, to 23rd, although South Korea, by Paulo Bento, and Egypt, by Carlos Queiroz, have also had rises, to the 35th and 44th places, respectively.

The FIFA rankings will be updated again on 25 November.