“Sixteen people were removed from their homes and six from Pingo Doce on Rua Rodrigues Faria at around 5:30 am,” Davide Amado told Lusa.

According to the chairman of the junta, only one of the people evacuated was transported to the hospital as a precaution.

“I was just talking to the firefighters who accompanied her and she is fine. It was just a precaution,” he said.

Davide Amado said that in Alcântara, the most affected areas were downtown, such as Rua Rodrigues Faria, Fàbrica da Pólvora, Largo das Fontainhas, Rua das Fontainhas and Rua 1.º de Maio.

“Right now the tide is going out. The water is reducing and now it's a matter of waiting to start the cleaning work and to wait for it to stop raining”, he said.

The district of Lisbon was the most affected by the heavy rain this morning, with some accesses to the capital “quite conditioned”, with occasional cuts on roads such as IC19, IC20 or CRIL (Regular Regional Internal de Lisboa).

There are also severe constraints and cuts on roads such as the N117 (Queluz-Agés), N8, N215 in Loures, next to IKEA, on the access to the A8 to Loures, on the N115 in Mexial, on the N9 in Torres Vedras and on Calçada da Carriche, in Lisbon. Radial de Benfica and Segunda Circular are also conditioned.

The Algés train station remains closed, as well as the Chelas metro station. Still on the Lisbon metro, the north atrium of the Jardim Zoológico station is conditioned.

Circulation problems extend to the riverside area of Lisbon, between Chelas and Beato.

Access to the 25 de Abril Bridge via Avenida de Ceuta, in Lisbon, is also cut off, according to civil protection.

Images by: @SezDev on Twitter