When he got back home, he lit a lively log fire. With the logs spitting and crackling the bright fire brought memories back of the wrapping paper, twisted around mouth-watering delights. He came up with a small gift a ‘Cosaque’. (French for Cossack). The idea caught on and they became larger, fitting in the gifts and the firing mechanism. Now known as the common Cracker!

Christmas often goes off with a bang! Sometimes quietly with a pop and fizz. The noise and fun can be alarming for our pets. So, it is best, to put your little furry friends somewhere comfortable for them to avoid the chaos. Doors opening and closing, friends, and relatives arriving. Children laughing. What a time it is. Indeed. Even budgies and rodents need a respite.

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For this merry season, for many, it may be a lonely one. Home alone? Pick up the ‘phone. If you have a neighbour who is on their own pop over and say hello. Wish them good cheer. We often assume that everyone is having fun. It may not be the case. A smiley face and a little grace is all that is needed to show you care. Share a moment, or two.

APAA, Association for Protection of Animals Algarve, are here to help. Their motto serves as a good one. Help. It doesn’t take much effort to check up on a neighbour. Even friends can be lonely. Some of our four-legged friends will be well cared for by their loving owners. Still at Pet Park with Gary and Wendy, partners in re-homing abandoned dogs, are three friendly friends. ‘Dusty’, ‘Lilly’, and ‘Rafa’. Feeling like some company, there is still time to pop into Pet Park and visit. Take a treat. Don’t be too scared. Gary and Wendy have strung up welcoming lights, and arranged for a grand festive furry fun time for their borders and stranded guests.

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Riddle. The classic ‘Cossack’ Cavalrymen wore high boots, and specialised in mounted warfare against their enemies, The Ottoman Empire and France. Perhaps buried in the cracker’s little paper wrapped around a trinket, is the answer to the question, why did Tom Smith call the cracker as we know it, ‘Cossaque’? Mmm.

APAA, info: (Other than riddles!) Contact Jenny Clarke: info.apaaportugal@gmail.com. Also visit their website www.apaaportugal.com. Gary & Wendy Pet Park 926 660 465. A very happy Christmas. Season’s Greetings to all.