Miguel Albuquerque visited the course, owned by the region, but which is under a concession, which has adopted a project that included the total replacement of the old irrigation system, with a much more efficient one, which will save water.

“What was in the equation was for us to achieve greater self-sustainability in terms of water for the club without harming the irrigators and the water that is needed by our farmers”, stressed the head of the Madeiran executive.

The official stressed that the project arose from a suggestion by the regional secretary for the Environment of Madeira, Susana Prada, in the sense of creating a system that would take advantage of rainwater and fog condensation (at altitude).

“Now that water is used and channelled and allows for much greater self-sustainability from the club's irrigation point of view”, pointed out Albuquerque.

According to Miguel Albuquerque, “at this moment, this is a pioneering system at national level” that will contribute to “putting an end to the Portuguese drama, that golf will end up without water”.

He added that it will also be an asset in terms of civil protection, because in the event of a fire, the helicopter can refuel in the lagoon to fight fires.

The requalification works on the golf course were awarded in 2020, but only started in January 2021, representing a total cost of 2.5 million euros, says the note distributed by the presidency of the Government of Madeira.

Also, with the support of Aguas e Resídos da Madeira (ARM) “a system was installed to capture rainwater at altitude through the existing ponds, and a new water reservoir”.

The Santo da Serra Golf Course now has a reserve capacity of 40 thousand cubic meters of water, thanks to its four lagoons and two reservoirs and the new irrigation system has reduced water consumption by two thirds.

“The idea of the Regional Government is to have good golf courses, managed by people who know what they are doing, saving taxpayers money”, emphasized Miguel Albuquerque.

The official insisted that "Madeira's role is to continue to create great golf attractiveness", betting on the four courses implemented to present a "diverse offer" of activities, taking into account the number of golfers in Europe.