“We talked about security cooperation. I thanked him for the promptness with which he provided effective support to Ukraine's energy system”, wrote Zelensky on Twitter, referring to a conversation with the head of the Portuguese Government.

The Ukrainian energy system has been heavily affected by several waves of Russian attacks directed at the country's essential infrastructure, causing frequent and successive blackouts, as well as restrictions on access to energy for heating the population.

Zelensky added that, during the conversation, he discussed with António Costa the “concrete steps” to implement the “peace formula”, the negotiation plan for the conflict that began in February last year, and that the Ukrainian Government wants to see completed by the spring.

The Ukrainian leader has had the support of Western allies for this peace plan, including the United States and the European Union, but the initiative has already been rejected by Russia.

The peace plan proposed by Kyiv includes several points, such as the restoration of Ukraine's territorial integrity, the complete withdrawal of Russian troops, the cessation of hostilities, the release of prisoners, and the establishment of a court to try war crimes committed by the forces commanded by Moscow.

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