A total of forty-nine jobs will be affected in the production, manufacturing, quality, quality control (laboratory), cultivation, supply chain, facilities, warehousing, logistics, procurement, and IT”, says Tilray in a press release.

The Canadian company Tilray, which opened its medical cannabis production plant in Cantanhede in 2019, currently employs around 200 workers, of which 49 will be made redundant.

The press release continued: "These changes, which are in line with Tilray’s rightsizing to meet the needs of the current economic and the state of legalization across medical and adult-use cannabis, will take place over the next three months.

"Tilray’s success in being one of the leading cannabis companies is in direct relation with our ability to pivot and react whenever needed. Naturally and is at our core, we will respect all people’s rights and the determinations defined in Portuguese Law with a high sense of responsibility and social care".

Tilray's official source clarified to Lusa agency that this resizing process has nothing to do with economic difficulties. A large part of this factory's production is for export.

Tilray also noted that it respects "all people's rights and what is defined in Portuguese law with a high sense of responsibility and social care".