The survey by Hoo and shared by The Sun, detailed the top nine behaviour traits by Brits abroad.

In the top spot was excessive drinking, followed by shouting in English rather than trying to attempt to speak the local language. In third place was singing football songs and chants, followed by wearing union Jack clothing, and only eating British food.

The last four bug bears on the list were “Wannabe Instagram influencers constantly snapping selfies, playing their own music loudly in public, wearing swimwear while not at the beach or pool and sunburnt bodies on show”.

Adrian Murdock, the Co-founder of Hoo told The Sun: “Things are certainly starting to look up for the travel and tourism sector and fingers crossed that 2022 is the year we see the return of foreign holidays.

"As welcome as the Brits most certainly are when we go abroad, perhaps we’re also ready to do away with some of those more embarrassing traits that we’ve become notorious for while visiting foreign lands.”