The Union of Service Sector Workers (SITESE) has announced that it has reached an agreement with the Association of Hotels and Tourist Enterprises of the Algarve (AHETA) for salary increases on average of more than 14% for this year.

“SITESE and AHETA reached an agreement on the salary tables for 2023, for an average increase of more than 14%”, indicated the union in a statement sent to Lusa agency.

In addition to restoring purchasing power, the document, advances the union structure, "constitutes a turning point in the approach that the business association had been taking in relation to wages, meeting what had long been advocated by SITESE".

The low wages practiced over the years in the hotel sector were at the origin of the “flight of workers to other sectors with more favourable working conditions”, stresses the union.

“The labour shortage crisis made it absolutely necessary to significantly increase wages in order to make this sector more attractive to workers and thus contribute to attracting and retaining them”, he points out.

Thus, the union structure defends that the path now started between the two entities “should continue in the years to come, in the sense of providing the Algarve with manpower in quantity and quality”.

After the agreement for salary increases for this year, the union points out as the next step, the “negotiation of a new clause that is one more reason for workers to stay in the sector and in the Algarve region.

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