To celebrate, the artist will be hosting an opening night event at the hub's gallery from 17h00 until 22h00, with free welcome drinks on offer upon arrival. Free to the public, the exhibition will be held until February 9th.

Life and Other Wonders

Expression, colour and curiosity are the central themes of Irish, Lisbon-based artist Mairead's Life and Other Wonders exhibition. Depicting vibrant expressions of femininity and daily life through bright flashes of colour and playfully fluid lines, she primarily uses marker pens, oil pastels, and colouring pencils in her work.

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Mairead will also show a limited-edition selection of ceramics featuring her illustrations. All of these have been delicately drawn onto by hand using an uncommon material — colouring pencil — and have subsequently been sealed to provide a protective layer.

About the artist

Living in the Portuguese capital since 2020, Mairead's vivid portraits and landscapes (which frequently depict Lisbon's streets saturated in colour) have previously featured in Vogue, House and Gardens and European Parliament.

In Portugal, the artist has recently partnered with local art gallery kiosks Nova Banca Galeria to sell her landscapes of Lisbon. She has also just collaborated with art studio Lisboa Social Press, having featured in their group winter show exhibition which showcases up-and-coming Lisbon-based artists.

Credits: Supplied Image; Author: Client;

For more information, please visit or keep up to date with the artist on Instagram @maireadillustrates.