CTT - Correios de Portugal will stop selling scratch cards, announced the Minister of Infrastructure, João Galamba, this Friday, at the Assembly of the Republic.

"CTT will stop selling scratchcards", said the official, referring that this decision meets "the concern" of the deputies of Livre Rui Tavares and of the Left Block (BE) Mariana Mortágua.

Therefore, "the management of the current CTT administration will stop using the CTT network to sell scratch cards and will dedicate itself to precisely what Mr. Rui Tavares said he would like CTT to do, that the Government would also like and the good news is that the current management of CTT has the same vision", said João Galamba.

During the debate, Rui Tavares questioned whether "it was compatible" with the public service provided by CTT "the promotion of a vice that in Portugal", compared to its counterparts, is much more accentuated and more serious and with a regressive social impact on the most vulnerable at the post office.

For this reason, Livre presented a proposal to end scratch cards.