According to data by ACAP, of these 36%, 15% had hybrid engines (HEV), 11% were exclusively electric (battery-powered, BEV) and 10% were hybrids' plugin' (PHEV).

Petrol passenger cars accounted for the largest share (42%), while 18% of new registrations concerned diesel engines.

At European level, alternative energy vehicles accounted for 47% of new registrations, with hybrids accounting for almost a quarter (23%) of all registrations.

BEV accounted for 12% and PHEV 9%, while 36% were exclusively petrol and 16% solely diesel.

The data presented by ACAP, which include information from the European Association of Automobile Manufacturers (ACEA), place Portugal as the ninth country with the highest share of exclusively battery-powered vehicles among new registrations, in a list headed by Sweden (33%), Netherlands (24%) and Denmark (21%).