After assessing the availability of hotels to accommodate health professionals and joining a campaign to collect foodstuffs for families in poverty, the Algarve Tourist Offices now support companies that try to maintain their activity and their respective jobs since the start of the pandemic.

This new model of collaboration allows for personalised information to be sent to local tourist companies, stems from the necessary proximity that already existed with businessmen in the sector. With reduced face-to-face services the information is now shared with tourists through online platforms, the opportunity was identified to reinforce the service provided by the professionals of the 20 Tourism Offices tutored by the Algarve Tourism Region (RTA).

“We live in challenging times that require constant reinvention, namely due to the drop-in tourism activity. So, we looked for a new format, in a context of proximity, to continue to support companies in the sector in the region”, says João Fernandes, president of Turismo do Algarve.

“The opportunity arose through our Tourism Offices. We held training sessions with all employees who are already providing support to local companies, informing entrepreneurs, in a personalized way, about the treasury support line for tourism micro-companies. This is yet another example of the work we have been doing and our commitment to finding new solutions that help mitigate the effects of the pandemic”, concludes João Fernandes.