The National Road Safety Authority (ANSR) have released the January 2021 Accident, Inspection and Administrative Offenses Report, which coincided with the beginning of the second period of general confinement due to the covid-19 pandemic.

According to the report, in January there were 1,581 accidents, resulting in 24 fatalities, occurring at the scene of the accident or during transport to the hospital, 93 seriously injured and 1,778 slightly injured.

“Compared to the same month of 2020, and as it has occurred in recent months, there was a transversal reduction among the main accident indicators, with decreases of 1,076 accidents, of six fatalities, of 39 seriously injured and of 1,420 lightly injured”, states the ANSR, stressing that, in the month of January between 2017 and 2021,“ the main accident indicators showed decreasing results”.

The report states that the collision was the most frequent accident nature, accounting for 47.8 percent of disasters.

ANSR also stresses that pedestrian accidents have seen a “significant reduction” in terms of the number of accidents (-52.3 percent) and fatalities (-69.2 percent) compared to January 2019.

However, despite the fact that the number of run over dropped by 25 percent in the first month of the year, fatalities increased by 33.3 percent.

ANSR shows, for the first time in a report, the number of drivers who lost points on their driving license, which amounted to around 250 thousand.

Since the point license system came into effect in June 2016 and until the end of January, 1,385 drivers have been lost their license.

Of the remaining 1,732 drivers who already have zero points in the driving license, 1,598 have the process instructed, 794 of whom are in the hearing stage of the intention to revoke the driving license and 804 are in the notification phase of the final decision driving license expiration date.