“Of the 53 countries that participate in the Blue Flag program, Portugal ranks sixth with beaches with blue flags, which means that the municipalities have had a great environmental awareness and have been working hard all over the coast and also on river beaches,” said Carlos Miguel.

“The country has been mobilizing because it realized that here and in this signpost there is environmental and economic wealth”, he stressed.

Praia de Mira was confirmed in the 2021 listing as the record holder for the Blue Flag award, being the only bathing area in the world to receive, without interruption, the Flag that distinguishes the quality of the beaches every year, within the scope of the Blue Flag Program.

“Praia de Mira is the only one that has had this award for 35 consecutive years, that is, since the beginning of the program until today. No other beach in Europe has achieved it”, said the Secretary of State.

“Whoever speaks of Praia de Mira associates it to a quality beach, with very strict criteria. An inclusive, accessible beach, with high quality”, said the mayor of Mira, Raul Almeida.