Many readers may have known Ronnie from his 25 years of promoting Anglo-Portuguese trade.

The Chamber has written the following: “Ronnie was the driving force at the Chamber before his retirement in 2003. We all remember Ronnie with great fondness and indeed there is no doubt he is responsible for the modern-day Chamber as it exists today. The many years he spent guiding it from its inception, until his retirement, will never be forgotten. His importance was recognised both by Chamber members and in the wider business and diplomatic community, in the UK and Portugal. Ronnie was awarded in recognition of his services, the Comendador da Ordem do Infante Dom Henrique on 21.04.2005. This distinction is bestowed on individuals, who have served Portugal and its history, culture and values.
He also received the Comendador da Ordem de Merito on 27.04.1993. This is a Portuguese Honourific Order of Civil Merit, for those who have carried out acts, or services, which reveal self-sacrifice, in favour of the community. He was greatly respected having made many friends and valuable contacts “.”

“Mr.P” as he was affectionately known by his office staff, was also a published author of novels, about Formula 1 motor racing and his beloved Morgan.

Ronnie leaves his wife Sue, his children Jo and Jonathan and his step-children Jocelyn and Jonathon. “He has left a big hole in our lives so we really appreciate hearing from any former friends or colleagues”. Email them at

Sent by former Chamber staff, Lara (Haylee) Costa (Office Manager) and Lucy Cordeiro (P.A. to Mr. Price)