Speaking on RTP's Grande Interview program, Graça Feitas said that the 19 cases, five more than those already announced, are all part of the outbreak at Belenenses SAD, with five more situations awaiting the results of the Ricardo Jorge Institute.

The official said that in addition to cases related to the football club, there could be others in the country and that there are situations under investigation.

Stating in the interview that Portugal is in a fifth wave of Covid-19, with an increase in the number of infections, hospitalisations and deaths, Graça Freitas also said that projections indicate that there could be a doubling of cases within 26 days.

Yesterday Portugal registered 4,670 confirmed cases of infection, so if confirmed, the projections could be more than 9,000 cases on the 26th of January. (A year ago on that date there were 1,214 new cases of infection).