According to the Regional Directorate of Health, despite the “high vaccination coverage in the region and the current epidemiological situation support, a strategy of gradual, progressive and proportionate flexibility of public health measures implemented in the pandemic context, the use of masks continues to be an important infection containment measure, especially in environments and populations with higher risk for SARS-CoV-2 infection”.

The measure also includes educational, teaching and nursery establishments, except in outdoor recreational spaces, concert halls, cinematographic film exhibition rooms, congress halls, event venues of a corporate nature, improvised venues for events, namely cultural or similar, and venues for events of any nature and sporting celebrations.

The mandatory use of a mask also extends to health establishments and services, residential or shelter structures or home support services for vulnerable populations, elderly people or people with disabilities, as well as integrated continuous care units of the National Network of Integrated Continuing Care, and other residential structures and responses dedicated to children and youth.

The circular imposes the use of masks in places where this is determined in the norms of the General Directorate of Health, in the use of public transport for passengers, including air transport, as well as in the transport of passengers by taxi or TVDE.