The Dig - John Preston

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This book is set in 1939 and covers the period from April to September as Britain is getting ready for the Second World War. The story revolves around Mrs. Pretty, who is a widow and owns a farm in Suffolk. She believes the mounds on her land hold ancient buried treasure. She decides to see if her hunch is correct and employs an archeologist, Basil Brown to assist in her quest. As the excavation progresses a friendship is formed.

This is the recreation of the famous Sutton Hoo dig, where priceless treasures are uncovered. The book also touches on the tensions between the locals and outsiders; there are rivalries and a love story whilst all under the shadow of the looming war. The story is told from different perspectives.

The author John Preston is a former arts editor of the Sunday Telegraph and Evening Standard. He is the author of A Very English Scandal. It is interesting to note that Peggy Piggott, one of the characters in the book, was his aunt and that is what inspired him to write this story.

The book was recently adapted into a movie but even if you have watched it you will enjoy the extra details in the book.

This is a short but beautifully written story; I found it quite a moving.

I was hoping to read more about the treasures they found, so that was my one criticism. I would suggest you read up on the amazing Anglo-Saxon artifacts that were found over the years at the site.
This book will appeal to history fans and readers who are interested in human nature.

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