The review - 111 Places along the Algarve that you shouldn’t miss, byCatrin George Ponciano

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I am a person who likes to visit quirky and unusual places. So I was pleased when I was sent a copy of this travel guide. Now that Covid-19 restrictions are easing its time to start planning trips again, and this is a great start when planning to explore the Algarve, especially if you like adventures off the beaten track.

The Algarve has beaches, historical sites; great food and weather, but there are many other places to visit that are not that well known.

I have been to many of the places mentioned but there were quite a few I have not, such as the executioner’s village, the casino with no future and Berenike’s library amongst others.

The pictures are charming, the layout is easy to read and follow. I thought the quality of the book was excellent.

The places are grouped per area which makes it very easy to refer to when planning. I liked the fact that each place has an address, directions/opening times and tips about the location.

The author, Catrin George Ponciano was born in Germany and has lived in Portimão since 1999 with her husband. This is her third travel guide. Her literature essay ‘The Lisbon of Fernando Pessoa’ and a new travel book with stories about the people and places in the Alentejo will be released this year.

Whether you live in the Algarve, or are planning a visit, this is a gem of a book and I recommend you get yourself a copy.

For more information, or to purchase a copy of the book please visit

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