• The emergency department in Faro is one of the worst I have ever experienced in my life, and worse than most third world countries (although if you’re lucky enough to be dying then, I understand, the service is good).
  • The waiting list for a child to see a dermatologist is over 1 year!
  • The postal system is unreliable.
  • Very high IVA of 23%, bureaucratic and very high taxes, especially for low income families.
  • Shockingly, Portugal has one of the highest Winter Mortality Rates in Europe; due to poor quality housing.
  • There’s ‘Legal corruption’ and piped gas prices in some areas (such as Albufeira) is 1250% higher than other regions and even Europe.
  • Lack of free sports for children.
  • One of the most polluting countries in European: The Government encourages diesel (a highly toxic fuel) with lower prices, when other countries are banning it. Poor car inspection (or perhaps corruption) allowing clearly illegal cars to pass inspection, with chocking black smoke fuming from their exhaust pipes.
  • Poor infrastructure and low incentives for Electric Vehicles.

These people will put up with all these wrongs, injustice and inadequacies, but are perturbed if someone dares complain.

Portugal is amazing for many things: great food, weather, people, free pre-school, etc but they need to understand that critical thinking, constructive criticism and opposition to injustice is essential for any society to improve. These people are ‘backward’ and actually stopping Portugal from progressing.

No, I will not leave, I’ll stay and make this country great by ‘naming and shaming’ what’s wrong.

James Smith,