The company has been operating since 1986, and after a business restructuring ten years ago, Portinsurance Group is now composed by four partners: Daniel Tabanez, José Dantas, Paulo Martins and Vicente Domingos.

The Portugal News spoke with CEO, Daniel Tabanez who explained that he company has a back office equipped with the skills to deal with all insurance needs in five languages; English, Portuguese, Spanish, German and French, allowing the Portinsurance Group to offer services of all types aimed at expats.

“These products are completely targeted at expatriates, our expatriate packages come with a different mentality in terms of coverage: covering all risks and unlimited, we insure not only capital, but also prospects”, said the CEO.

From health insurance without capital; services that insure the client can go back to their country of origin in case of illness, accident or death; civil liability; coverage for all risks for real estate (with everything included, such as jewellery, everything insured by the company); insurance for vehicles with foreign registration. “Everything is guaranteed, these are highly differentiated products”, he highlighted.

With regard to civil liability they also have specific products. “There are countries that if a person does not have one million Euros of civil liability for what they can do in their personal life, they do not feel safe because accidents happen. And we have these solutions, so, depending on the community, we have products completely targeted and translated into their language”, Daniel Tabanez said.

The Portinsurance Group works with corporate insurances. As the CEO explained, Portinsurance is a generalist insurance company and works with everything, but specifically with corporate. “We invest heavily in health, life, personal accidents and the protection of property. We are protected so that, if anything happens, we will guarantee the same standard of living possible until the end”.

“We have dedicated support lines that only deal with claims and that are able to provide answers in five languages. If our clients have any problem, they have access to a specific line on which they can access all the help they may need”, said Daniel Tabanez.

Two years ago, in 2019, Portinsurance Group started its journey in the Algarve, but its headquarters are in Cantanhede, district of Coimbra. At the moment they have offices from the north to the south of the country, with 45 employees and 204 partners.

What can we expect from Portinsurance? “Trust and product - we work with the best international companies and that effectively guarantees peace of mind and a feeling of safety. The important thing is often not
only the price, but the credibility”, concluded the CEO.